Freshwater Academy

Fresh Water Academy was founded in 2010. It is home to four lovely young ladies of learning and their dedicated teachers. Located in the wilds of Wyoming, the name Fresh Water Academy was chosen as a Western analogy to Christ. Just as He is the Living Water, and we must have Him to have eternal life, any desert dweller knows the importance of fresh water to life, both for self, and the nourishment of crops or livestock. By taking nourishment in God and His word, we strengthen our own relationship with Him, our faith, and the quality and abundance of our fruitfulness.

Our keystone verse is from Jeremiah, Chapter 17, Verse 8: "For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit."

The fruit that we speak of is mentioned in Galatians 5:22
"22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law."

And the heat could be anything we experience that might test our faith in God; trials and tribulations, relationships, anything that focuses our love and attention anywhere but on Him...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

TGI Friday's Endless Lunch

I found this to be an excellent meal deal for our family.  I don't know about you, but my 11, 10, and sometimes even my 8 year old, are usually still hungry after eating kids' meals in most restaurants.  Added to that, kids' meals are often only filled with choices like hot dogs and fries, and I have at least one who would voluntarily choose steamed veggies or fruit, and chicken, fish, shrimp or steak almost every time!

Kids' meals at the average restaurant range from $4 - $6, and usually include one entree, one side, and the best values include a drink, and sometimes even a scoop of ice cream.  Adult meals generally range from around $8 all the way to $20 or so, and we usually drink water, for health, and because it's another $3 to get a soda or tea these days!  I am always on the look out for the best value, the best deal, kids eat free, 2 for $20 specials, anything I can find.

This was a great deal, because it was a wonderful, delicious meal, it filled every tummy, and it didn't break the bank!  We each ordered the "Endless Lunch" Special, for $6.99 at the TGI Friday's in Rapid City, South Dakota.  It included these very yummy breadsticks with the melt in your mouth consistency and flavor of fry bread, our choice of House or Caesar salad, Soup of the Day, broccoli cheese or french onion soups, and a beverage. 

We all ordered broccoli cheese soup, and it was absolutely delicious!  We savored every bite, and every kid ordered refills!  There were a variety of House and Caesar salads, and I noticed that the girls who ordered Caesars thought they were delicious and asked for refills.  There were bright green leaves of crunchy romaine, with buttery croutons and slivers of parmesan.  The House salads were generous, leafy and succulent, with the bright flavors of purple cabbage, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and shredded cheese.  The breadsticks were decadent, absolutely decadent.  They melted in our mouths, and we all salivated for more!  And to have a drink included in the meal just wrapped it all up neatly!

TGI Friday's is also currently running a promotion, where if you buy a $25 gift card, they will give you a $5 Bonus Bites certificate.  We bought $50 in gift cards, and spent those and the Bonus Bites on lunch, ending up with enough extra for dessert, and still $5 leftover to give away (we don't have a TGI anywhere close to us, so we're sharing the love)!  Oh, I think I forgot to mention, we were feeding a family of 7.

We let the girls each have a "Dirt Cup" for dessert, which is chocolate pudding, crumbled Oreos, and gummy worms.  Our eight year old looked up with a grin and said "I'm just here for the gummy worms."

Thanks to TGI Friday's in Rapid City, SD for a great dining experience and a great family value.  And thanks to our server, Rhyan, for the excellent service!

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