Freshwater Academy

Fresh Water Academy was founded in 2010. It is home to four lovely young ladies of learning and their dedicated teachers. Located in the wilds of Wyoming, the name Fresh Water Academy was chosen as a Western analogy to Christ. Just as He is the Living Water, and we must have Him to have eternal life, any desert dweller knows the importance of fresh water to life, both for self, and the nourishment of crops or livestock. By taking nourishment in God and His word, we strengthen our own relationship with Him, our faith, and the quality and abundance of our fruitfulness.

Our keystone verse is from Jeremiah, Chapter 17, Verse 8: "For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit."

The fruit that we speak of is mentioned in Galatians 5:22
"22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law."

And the heat could be anything we experience that might test our faith in God; trials and tribulations, relationships, anything that focuses our love and attention anywhere but on Him...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

C'mon Inn, Casper, WY

Let me begin by saying, I love the C'mon Inn.  It has become a beloved mini vacation/retreat location for our family.  It is my husband's favorite hotel, it is my favorite hotel, and it is our children's favorite hotel, which adds up to satisfaction for all! :)

We've gone to the C'mon Inn in Casper, WY several times as a family.  We've spent a weekend there with Oma and Opa when they came to visit, a night of rest after an early morning hospital discharge, a fun filled family weekend...we love to go there, spend lots of time playing and swimming in the pool, checking out the fish, enjoying the delicious breakfast spread, and just reaxing together as a family.  There are six of us (well seven, but our grown son doesn't really like to go places, so he usually stays home to take care of the house), so there's a pretty limited selection of hotels and rooms anywhere that fit our needs.

We love the Living Room Suite because it has two separate rooms.  A cozy bedroom with King Size bed for us, and a living room with pull out sofa (and rollaway) for the kids.  Usually there is also a recliner in the living room, which is just perfect for tiny Laramie to curl up in for a good night's sleep.  Every time we've stayed before we've been on the ground floor, just outside either the pool or breakfast area, and we've had two entrances to our hotel room, one through the bedroom and one through the living room, allowing us to go through either door, and in effect giving us more space and versatility.  I made the reservations four months before the weekend we actually visited, so I am sure there was availability at that time, but I never even thought about needing to request a specific location or room, because we'd been so blessed in the past.

When we arrived on Friday afternoon, we were tucked way up in the eaves, on the corner of the third floor.  I had mixed emotions about this,  because I enjoy the convenience of the pool right out the door, but I loved the conversation area right outside our door where there was room for our whole family to relax and play games, and eat supper together.  I also quickly realized it was nice to have a room tucked away in the quiet as there were a million screaming, running, squealing teenage girls in town for some kind of  volleyball tournament.  They were loud, and they were EVERYWHERE.  We tried to use the pool Friday night, but it was so full of mostly naked girls (yeah, that's a whole different blog, but there definitely weren't very many swimsuits that were actually age appropriate), screaming and running around the pool area, that we didn't stay long.

Saturday morning we got up, and ate breakfast.  The breakfasts there are so good, and I LOVE their new pancake machine.  The cheesy eggs were wonderful, and the ladies were working hard to keep the breakfast bar stocked as there were a lot of people and things were disappearing as fast as they laid them out!

We came back Saturday evening and relaxed.  We waited till later to head down to the pool, thinking the teams would either be gone, or they'd have some kind of curfew so the pool would be available.  Unfortunately, they didn't seem to have a curfew or noise regulation.  The girls wove in and out and played for awhile, then we wandered back up to our room to spend some family time relaxing.

Sunday, we wandered on down to breakfast, content to relax and take it easy.  It was pretty packed, but those ladies were working hard to get things refreshed and resupplied as quickly as possible.

The hotel has either changed waffle batter, or something else about the waffles.  They are doughy and don't seem to cook all the way through in the center, and are heavy, not light and crispy like they used to.  The new pancake machine, however, is awesome.  The pancakes are just the right texture and weight, and melt in your mouth sweet, so good that you don't even need syrup.

We just hung out on Sunday morning, went out to a movie, then came back and lived in the pool, which was virtually uninhabited, for nearly four hours, until hunger finally drove us back to our room.  We stayed Sunday night, had a yummy breakfast on Monday morning and headed home.

I did not really care for our room.  The rooms on the third floor are set up differently, and seem quite a bit smaller than the same style rooms on the first floor.  They are also backwards.  The recliner is in the bedroom, which is bigger, instead of a larger living room with a recliner.  This made sleeping arrangements for the girls more difficult, especially when we added in the roll-away, which we could have done without for what it cost.  When I went to the front desk to remind them that we would need a roll-away, the clerk on duty told me it would be an extra $10.  Silly me thought "$10?  Well, that's inconvenient, but not that big of a deal." I don't know why, but I was thinking one time charge, when in reality it was $10 extra dollars per night, plus the tax on $10 extra dollars per night, which equated to almost $40 over the three days we were there.  This penny pinching mama would have packed sleeping bags and let the kids camp out for three days if that had been known!  Although with this room style, I'm not sure where we'd have put them.  The other bad thing was, since there was only one door, we had to either figure out a way to keep it clear, or move the kid sleeping in front of it if we needed to go in or out.  Needless to say, there were no stepping out and leaving the door open just a crack hot tub trips for Mom and Dad.

Our family loves the C'mom Inn enough to make another trip, but you can bet that next time I'll make sure we request the room location that we have enjoyed so much in the past, that we ask if there are any loudmouth groups going to be staying at that time (okay, I might put that more diplomatically), and that we get all added fees and taxes straight before we settle in for the duration!

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